Monday, July 24, 2006

Punxsutawney Phil (Sketch)

I just got an assignment from "Highlights for Children" Magazine, You know the one, the same one from the dentist office. Any-hoot, this is the sketch for a single page illustration of "Punxsutawney Phil" as he climbs the ladder to poke his nose out on Groundhogs day. This is for the February 2007 issue. The white spaces are left blank for titles and a pictoral rhyme sequence that will be dropped in later.

This is a pencil sketch that I scanned and added darks and lights to in Photoshop. This sketch was submitted today for aproval. I have a long deadline on it, so the finish will pop up sometime in late August.


sadie pink said...

I think Phil looks a little too happy to be getting up that early in the morning. Doesn't the real Phil get dragged out of his hole, by the scruff of his neck at 5:30 AM? I think he should have a real pissed off look on his face! All joking aside, it really is a great illustration.

Bonitas Blog said...

Yeah, I think the real Phil wouldn't be so cheeky...I'm guessing he may even take a swipe at you.

Thanks for the kind words, hope you are well.



Ed said...

Hey, you wouldn't happen to be the legendary Todd Bonita who formerly lived in Winthrop, Mass. would you? If so, you've come a very long way from Sergeant York sketches. Actually I'm very impressed with your work, even if I do miss the machine gun fire.

Anyway, in case you are the Todd I knew, you'll know what this means:

(:-<>) (:-|)

Bonitas Blog said...

ED! My good man....I'm still laughing because I broke the code at the end of your win the mysterious chomp contest! I could never top that.

If you get this message, shoot me an email to my regular

All my best,

Todd Bonita

dipags said...

Hey Todd...we love Punxsutawney Phil. Very cute. The kids always get excited to see your latest creations.

Love Pags