Monday, July 16, 2007

To the Mother Ship

I finished this small oil painting I'm calling, "To the mother ship". This lobster man is rowing his small boat from the shallows to his larger vessel, presumably moored in deeper waters not too far away.

This is loosely based on a photo I took of a fisherman about a year ago in a harbor in Rockport. I made this guy a lobster man in my painting and added the orange jump suite to compliment the blue of the water. I was perched above him on a rock jetty and watched him work that single oar like a champ, he was cookin but made it look casual. What a cool way to commute to work.

"To the Mother Ship" (6x8") Oil on wood panel
(Click image for larger view)


Stefan Nuetzel said...

Great colors in this one and a nice mood. One thing you should think of, are the edges. They are mostly the same and too sharp. If you would make it a little softer at the farther rim of the boat, you would get a glare of the light color in front of the dark and it would stay behind the figure.

Todd Bonita said...

Great tip Nue, thanks, sincerely. I'm usually more aware and anal about my edges but I just started working differently and must address how to better plan my edges. not making excuses, rather excited about the problem solving. You have a great eye, thanks my man.
best to you,

Alvin Richard said...

What a great color palette you have. The contrast with the white boat realy makes it it!