Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year, New web sight!

Happy New Year!!! I'm very excited about 2008 and eager to slap down some more oil paint over the next 365 days. I just had my web sight re-done by a professional so that means all the pages work again..Thanks Wade.

It feels like a fresh new start for the year, nice!
check it out:


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Happy New Year Todd. and best to Allison and Max too.
Did the Red Sox really win the World Series again or am I dreaming?
I must get to your Open Studios next time. I'm right down the road :D
Happy painting, your stuff is good.

Aaron said...

Slick lookin' website! Can't wait to see what '08 brings for new artwork from you!

Todd Bonita said...

Hey Mary, I'm covered in pinch marks from checking to see if I dreamed the Sox victory...According to my new commemorative snow hat, t-shirt, calendar, baseball hat and video, I'm pretty sure they really won.

Yo Aaron, thanks my man, me too...when do we get to see what you are up to.

best to you both in '08,

Sheila Vaughan said...

Todd, your new web site is great, it's lively and interesting and so easy to navigate. I love the saturated colour in your paintings and the serenity that they are steeped in. The idea of doing an annual of Max too is terrific. He looks as if he is a very energetic young man with a wonderful direct gaze! You'd better keep the tubes away from him.