Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Ask any artist and I'll bet they will admit to be notorious day-dreamers. I'm the worst when I'm driving on the highway. I miss exits all the time, it's really an issue..ask my wife, she'll tell you. I've not only missed my exit, but on several occasions I've continued on past several more exits before realizing I was in a deep day dream. It can be a major inconvenience but I love that peaceful state of mind. This painting is influenced by that blissful state of day This is oil on wood panel. (8x6") and is currently available at The Art House gallery in Brewster, Mass on Cape Cod. Feel free to email me if interested in this piece.

Hope this finds you


Holly Van Hart said...

Hi Todd. this piece has such a peaceful mood. (and i thought that before i read your text.) i love it! Holly

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Holly,
thats exactly what I'm after in this painting. I can almost here the Eagles "Peaceful, Easy Feeling" playing in the distance.
all the best Holly.