Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Black and Blue

While driving down the cape, I caught a momentary-peripheral glimpse of some boats in a small cove in Eastham. I knew I would return first thing in the morning to capture them with the rising sun. I returned just after five a.m. and discovered an artist gold mine. A dozen dinghy's all bathed in that rich Cape Cod light...A string of pearls out there on the cove..OK, ...a little dramatic but what happened next convinced me that my passion may be moving into the uncomfortable area of obsession.

After taking reference photos of the boat you see here in the painting "Black and Blue", I looked around...no one there but me...I climbed in the boat and rowed around to the other dinghy's fixated on the brilliance of the light, the boats and the tranquil calmness of the water. The hair on my neck was standing.

I returned the boat exactly like I found it. That's not me or my personality to steal a boat..(borrow!)...I was in a state of mania...it was wonderful.


Sukie Curtis said...

I love that story! Can feel the energy of it, having been there myself (though without borrowing any boat!). Do you actually paint outdoors or do you usually take photos and work indoors?

I'm new to your blog--forgive me if this should be obvious to those who know you and your work!

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Sukie,
Thanks for the comment. The Cape is beautiful and an easy place to be inspired by. Surrounded by all that water, the light there is phenominal. I painted this using photo reference and old fashion illustration-design skills. I was an illustrator for over ten years so I find myself composing my paintings similar to the manner I approach designing an illustration ( thumbnail design sketches-color study-finish). Simple and reliable for me. I used to paint outdoors until my son was born almost three years ago, now I almost work exclusively from photo reference and drawing...I simply don't have much time these days to get out..I love painting outdoors and look forward to doing it more when time allows. Nothing like painting plein air in September...aaaaaah to dream.