Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bowersock Gallery show in Provincetown, Mass

This (11x14") oil on wood painting is titled, "ABC Towing" and is one of the featured pieces in a two person show starting tomorrow, July 15, 2011 at the Bowersock Gallery in Provincetown, Mass on the very tip of Cape Cod. Opening reception will be from 7 to 9 pm. Also in the show will be a talented painter who is also from the New Hampshire seacoast, Darlou Gams. I became a huge fan of Darlous work when I first moved to the seacoast back in 2004, she does these soft and beautifully colored mysterious landscape paintings that for me evoke the work of Innes. I'm pleased to be showing with her at the Bowersock Gallery and I'm really looking forward to the opening Friday evening.

As excited as I am for the show tomorrow, my thoughts are with my brother Chris who is currently in third place in the main event at the World Series of Poker at the Rio in Las Vegas. First place wins 8.7 million..c'mon bro, mama needs a house, a Dunky's Coffee and a pack of cigarettes.
I was so excited when I found out he moved into third place I got pulled over for speeding...true story...heres my warning below. Go Chrissy-Vegas!!!


Anonymous said...

Join the ranks! Got stopped at the tolls for having a front license plate holder. Go figure. $150.00 fine, but I must have gotten me a piece of that famous Bonita charm you share with your students as I got a warning, also! :) PN

Todd Bonita said...

Hahaaa...good for you....and me..My bro finished 124th out of almost 7 thousand, not too shabby.

ccroceiii said...

You total b@stard. Speeding? Have you no concern for the children. I hope you rot in h*ll.

Todd Bonita said...

Hahaaa, speeding!!! That's nothing, I'm wanted in Scotland...oh wait, you were there. I think that makes us outlaws!