Thursday, March 02, 2006

Esther 1912 - 2006 RIP

I just got an email from my friend Jeff who just informed me of the passing of his 94 year old grandmother Esther.

Jeff and I used to visit Esther in her East Boston apartment around Christmas time and she would put on an old scratched-up 45 record of "Domonic the Donkey". She would play it continuously and we would have to sing along with her each time. Waving her arms like a symphony conductor, Esther would sing the "Chingedy-Ching" part then point to Jeff and I, which was our cue to "Hee-haw Hee-haw" like a donkey over-and-over again. I'm pretty sure she played it a dozen times each visit. She was spirited, humorous, genuine and beautiful. I cherish my Esther memories.

My friend Sweede, responded to Jeff's email with the following message;

"It should be a true celebration! 94 years to create memorable moments, and influence those around you is a true gift. Peace, love and prayers

Today, I am posting a charicature I did of Esther 4 years ago from one of my old sketch books, it's dated August 24, 2002. I think Esther would have apreciated it.


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