Thursday, May 18, 2006

Monhegan Island Sail

Another drawing from my sketchbook of Monhegan island and a sail boat. I may rework this a bit more for a larger painting. It needs some things figured out but there is a painting in there somewhere.


vecc said...

Looks like someone has a "post Patty chain smoking" syndrome. Where's the eastie looking sailboats w/ uzi's kid?!?!

Hey guy, just heard about your blog. Good stuff that can be sold in Michael's Mall!

Bonitas Blog said...


Karen and Vecc said...

Geez Todd... out of sight, out of mind... huh?? Where's some of that down home Philly lovin' for us - it's Chris and Karen!!
Cory was down for the weekend and told us about your site so we thought we would check it out.... great stuff!!
Hope all is well...

Bonitas Blog said...

Hi Karen and Chris,

Good to hear from you, thanks for the comments. Shoot me an email to my regualr address:

I don't have your E address and would love to reconnect.

Hope Philly is good to you guys, I miss it very much.