Friday, May 26, 2006

Monhegan Painting ....(In progress)

I finally mixed up some color and began laying in the backround of the Monhegan painting. Can't wait to spend more time on it.


Marnix said...

Hi, Todd. I was attracted to your website by your fantastic black coffee painting! Hello to Greenland from Abergele, on the North Wales (UK) coast. (I'm American-born, but have been living in the United Kingdom since 1991.) Also like the idea of blog as a place to share work and work-in-progress - on your most recent, the Moneghan painting, I almost like the underpainting of the house as is! Take good care, cheers for letting me look at your work, Marni %-)

Bonitas Blog said...

Hi Marni,

Thanks for your kind words, I'll be going back to Monhegan Island in a few weeks, it's the perfect spot for plein air painting. I've been to Northern Wales about ten years ago, your very lucky to live in such a beatiful place. Please stop in to my blog and look anytime. All my best,

Todd Bonita