Monday, February 11, 2008

Bow (redu)

I gave this old painting a makeover by sanding out an area that just didn't sit well with me. In the lower right there was a pile of snow on the dock that I didn't manage to paint well and it simply looked odd. After sanding it, I painted in a blue shadow area and these dark shapes/lines that suggest rope. My wife just saw them on the computer screen and said "what's that?", pointing to the rope...I may be back to square one with this painting, we'll see. I have to sit with it for a while. I've included the before image below as well.

Anyhoot, it was a good lesson in repairing a problematic area, I definitely feel more confident in this procedure, which will allow me a little more freedom in knowing it's ok to screw up...I can always bust out the sander.

*Note the color difference in the photos...the actual painting looks more like the redu above.
This is "Bow" Oil on wood panel and is 11x14".


painterchum said...

Hi Todd,
I think the painting works much better with the new blue shadow and rope...the rope reads completely like rope to me, no question aobut it. Overall, it's working well!

Jason Waskey said...

Yah, I agree with Mr. Chum. I did though, "read" the snow as such perfectly fine.

On an unrelated note, I like the abstraction achieved with the cropping...

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I've done two posts on my blog showing the before and after and asking for feedback. I was amazed at how differently the viewers saw the paintings compared to how I 'see' them,or what my expectations were.
One was the Bicycle Path", in which I posted the almost finished painting and then changed it a bit and the other I just posted, so we'll see.

Your painting with the snow looks wonderful. I know what it is and there's a lovely shadow.
Without it, it looks like an entirely different painting. Not a bad painting either. The rope works but the snow added a glow.
My verdict, they are two different moods now.