Monday, October 26, 2009

Max 2

This a small oil painting I did of Max from photo reference I took in the summer of 2008. I did the drawing last December and I just got around to finishing this for my wife as a gift for our tenth anniversary last week. Time really flies, particularly when you have a little wipper-snapper. What a joy watching my little rug-rat grow, I can't believe he'll be three in January.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dirty Oar

This is an (11x14")oil painting on wood panel that I'm calling "Dirty Oar". The model is one of my best friends, Johnny Hames. He was perfect for what I was after in this painting; A dirty, hard-working fisherman type. For me, I think it's helpful to know the model when you have something specific in mind. Johnny was perfect because he's so filthy and dirty...some may even use terms like scummy, disheveled or scuzzy-filth-bag. I did, however, have to struggle to create the painting in such a way as to not bring attention to the models enormous ear lobes..not to mention, his obscenely-colossal-mammoth-like nose. I think it would have detracted from the spirit of the piece. It's important to use artistic license when confronted with compositional decisions such as the ones presented here.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Patience (24x30")

This is an oil painting on wood panel that I titled,"Patience". It's (24x30") and is a much larger version of a smaller (6x8") painting I did last year that you can see by clicking here
I love the scale of this new version...nice and airy and quietly commanding attention. At one time in art school I was told to, "Learn the rules so you can break them". I think this painting is an example of that. The subject is smack in the middle of the composition but ironically, that's what makes it work for me. I'm using symmetry to convey stillness in the design. This was integral to the mood and feel that I was after in this painting; contemplating the lost art of simple silence, stillness and patience.