Sunday, May 15, 2016

Keepers Dory (24x36") oil on linen"Keepers

"Keepers Dory" (24x36") oil on linen.
This has been on the gallery wall since April but just getting around to taking a photo of it.  A painting from Monhegan that started as a plain air and eventually became this studio work.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Title this painting winner results!

"Title this Painting"...Oil by Todd Bonita 
On May 03, we concluded the month long Alastair Dacey benefit, "Title this Painting" competition with guest judge Bruce McMillan choosing a winner from over 70 entries.  Bruce is an accomplished Children's book Author and Photo-Illustrator with over forty-five published books to his credit.  He is also a Poet, Painter and all-around Creative Renaissance man.  We felt his unique combination of visual and language skills made him uniquely qualified for the task.  The titles were written on the outside of an envelope with the contestants names written on an enclosed card so that Bruce could not see who submitted the title.  This kept it anonymous and legit.  It was fun to watch Bruce narrow it down to his top five:

Top 5 (Alphabetical order)
Between Going and staying by Jenny Greenleaf
Dog Overboard by Karen Romagna
Morning Dory by Suzie Sauer
Orange you glad I didn’t paint a banana by Paul Noel
The Mooring After by Avory Resca

.....and then his top 2: Morning Dory by Suzie Sauer and The Mooring After by Avory Resca.
He waxed and wained and reasoned out loud, making a case for each title until finally....

 "The Mooring After" by Avory Resca 

from St. Croix Island was chosen.  Congratulations to Avory.  I love the title.  Thank you Bruce McMillan for your sense of humor and good will...Bruce's Website HERE
Thank you to everyone who submitted titled and contributed to the Alastair Dacey benefit.  It was a huge success because of you and your warm hearts, thank you sincerely.  Just for fun, here are just some of our favorites from this competition....

Punkin Seed by Sara
Caramel Ripples by Susan
The way home by Heather and Marc
Norweigian Wood by Keller
S.S. Alastair by Pete and Deb
Untitled by Susan (heheee)
Sunnyside Up by Heidi

....Also noteworthy, there were four submissions for "Serenity", Three submissions for "Tranquil" and Two submissions each for "D'oro Dory", "Old Yellow", "Mellow Yellow" and "Awaiting".  Great fun, thank you again.