Monday, June 10, 2013

Study for the "Dirty Oar" Grisailles

Above is a Grisailles painting of my friend and model, John Hames.  As you can see, this is at the underpainting stage, executed with raw umber and white oil paint.  It's usually at this stage that I will glaze and layer color, however, I felt it was complete...and honestly, I don't think I could improve upon it with the addition of color...I felt this way with previous paintings but never followed through.  After living with it in my studio for a few months, I was convinced, put a frame on it and called it done.  For this image I think it works.  This is, "Study for The Dirty Oar" (12x24") oil on linen.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Oarman (24x30")

This is "The Oarman", (24x30") oil on linen mounted on wood panel.  The model is my good friend John Hames, love painting him.  This was picked up yesterday by The Bowersock gallery and will be part of an exhibition called "Elements" that I'll be part of with artist Darlou Gams and sculptor Steve Carpenter.  Friday, June 07, 2013, (7 - 9pm) 373 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA...I cant wait!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Old Salt

Framed and signed this large (20x40") oil on wood panel painting that I just titled, "Old Salt".  Mike from the Bowersock Gallery is coming to pick it up at my studio on Tuesday to take it down to Provincetown, Mass for my opening exhibition this coming Friday evening.  I've bubble wrapped about 14 other paintings for him and I'm excited at the prospect of another great show.  It's always a good time down there and this year, Alison will finally get to join me at one of my openings.  Please feel free to come by and say hello if you are on the Cape this Friday.
The model for this painting was my brother Bobby...he's a phenomenal character and I was thrilled to paint him again.  I worked hard at editing this painting and leaving out extraneous information...really tried to simplify the design and palette.
The frame is the wonderful custom work of Henry Karakula of P.S. Art frames in Rhode Island.  I love working with this company, always top-notch work and hand delivered...gorgeous finish with closed corners.  I think this one compliments the painting well.  I'll post more from the show this week.
All the best my friends.