Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Painting retreat

(Chris Volpe, me, Beaman Cole and Alistair Dacey. Concord Pond, Woodstock, Maine)

This past weekend I had the good fortune to pack up my painting gear and head up to Concord pond in Woodstock, Maine with some artist friends for few days of painting and tomfoolery. We rented a small rustic cabin on the water with no electricity, it had cold running water and an perfect and serene.
(Chris Volpe painting on Concord Pond).

We painted by day and at night we sat around the fire pit and talked about art, sipping Taliskers single malt scotch and puffing Arturo Fuente was so manly, I could almost feel my chest hairs growing that very evening.

(Beaman Cole Canoeing on Concord Pond).

There was a small island a short canoe ride away that was ideal for a painting excursion. Beaman brought homemade bread, Cinnamon rolls and Blueberry pie. We ate like kings...maybe too much but it was great fun.

(Chris Volpe channeling Jimmy Page)

Chris Volpes Guitar, Alistairs Tortillas, Khona coffee in the morning...some of the simple extras that made this just about as perfect a weekend as your going to get.

Good times my brothers...good times.