Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Winter Plein Air Maudslay State Park, Newburyport, Mass

(8x10") Plein Air study "Maudslay State Park, winter 2015"
In the midst of record breaking snowfall this winter, my plein air painter friends are itching to get outdoors, it was a matter of time before someone cracked.  Donald Jurney sent a note alerting us to the dangers of cabin fever and the need to get outside.  A small group...maybe 8...met at Maudslay State park in Newburyport, Mass for some wintery painting on Wednesday.

This was my set up...I wish I had taken more shots of the others, I meant to but it gets chilly standing for two hours and I felt the need to set up, bang it out and get to a warm cup of coffee asap.  The snow was very deep so our plans to trek into the park were kaiboshed...we ended up painting in the parking lot.  Short, sweet, great fun and really nice to chit chat with the others.  Misery loves company after really was fun.  We may even do it again next week.

Donalds looks so inviting in print.