Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Figures, plates and platter

Being Easter weekend, this will likely be amongst the last of the Easter projects I'll be posting. I am working on a lot of exciting things and can't wait to completely immerse myself into more oil painting, stay tuned for postings.

Today I am posting some small Bunny figurines that were manufactured into porcelain collectibles, dessert plates and a platter. They are currently available at the Foreside company retail stores in new England and New York. They can also be found in several boutiques and giftshops across the country (Which ones specifically I just don't know, sorry.)

A special thanks to my friend, photographer Mike Bowker of Bowker imaging for his catalogue vignette and amazing glamour photos, (see tomorrows post of a very cool Bowker glamour shot).

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Paint Squared said...

Oooooo!!!!!! I LOVE the ceramic bunnies ... especially the platter! Niice work!