Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pear (finished)

I finally stole a moment to sneak down to the basement and finish painting the Pear still life that I started a couple of days ago. When I opened the door to my tiny studio under the stairs I found the pear had turned yellow. Thankfully, I kept my pallet dirty and it still had some of the green I had mixed days earlier. Viola!


Anonymous said...

WOw... you are a very good artist. I think I like the flower picture the best. Will you be selling anything?

Bonitas Blog said...

Hi Ialie,

Thank you for your nice comments about my artwork. That flower is the biggest
painting I've done on this blog so far. I enjoyed painting it and plan to work
more in this size.

I do sell my paintings, if you are interested in a particular piece, let me know
and I'll be happy to quote a price for you.

All my best,