Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mother Natures "April Fools" gag (..and "Apple")

We have a saying in New England, "If ya don't like the Weathah', juss waitaminnit, it'll change".

I tried to do some Plein air painting late this afternoon, there were slight overcast but it was comfortably cool. I went down to the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion in Portsmouth, which overlooks little harbor. It's a very impressive, stately 17th century colonial, the former residents of Governor Coolidge (The first Guvna' of New Hampshire). Get ready, here comes a cool fact...John Singer Sargent, Edmund Tarbell, Isabella Stewart Gardner and Emile Durand were all guests and painted here...I'm not worthy.

Just as I started my raw umber sketch the sky opened and it started pouring. I pulled my gear beneath a pine tree but the rain got heavier and started coming in sideways, I was all done. It was Mother Natures "April Fools" gag on me. I went home and painted an apple.

I am posting the plein air attempt and my apple. (Apple 6x8 Oil on gessoed panel)


Paint Squared said...

Love the apple! Bummer how the weather can get in the way of a plein air painting excursion--those dark clouds over the yellow house are cool!

Bonitas Blog said...

Thanks Elisabeth,

I plan on going back to the Cooldidge mansion again, it's a very cool spot. If it rains again, I'm just as happy painting produce.