Monday, January 08, 2007

The Hurd

Today marks one year since I committed to post my artwork every day for a year on this blog. Although I spared you by not posting some of the art works that I ended up flinging across my studio, I did manage to create 305 pieces of art in the last 365 days. This blog has had over 5000 visitors from over 22 different countries since January '06. It's an amazing medium that allows you to post your art and then have someone in South Africa see it seconds later. How cool is that? How could I not want part of that?

I think it's the first time I disciplined myself to do any single thing every day for a year. The experience has humbled me greatly by discovering once again that it takes constant application of your craft and miles of canvas just to suck at it. I heard a golf pro once say that if you practice your driving, putting and mechanics every day for ten years you just might be lucky enough to achieve suckiness. With that, I look forward to slapping down copious gobs of paint on acres of canvas and smashing many more paintings off my studio wall. Good times ahead...

Todays post is one I planned on posting a year ago, it's the finished catalogue photo of a product I conceived, sketched and posted a year ago. See the archives for January 9th, 2006 to see my sketch of the cow with bunny ears that started this tomfoolery. Since the day I posted that sketch a year ago, this cow has has been painted, edited through product development, manufactured, trade show tested, photographed, cataloged, marketed, shelved and sold in stores nationwide. This image is from the Foreside spring catalog photo taken by Mike Bowker of Bowker imaging (Mac-daddy of light and lens) and features the cow in a glamour shot with the other critters from this collection.

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