Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ball Player #4 (sketchbook)

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This is one of my favorite months because of the weather, the anticipation of fall and the thrill of the Baseball season heating up before October. I've been sketching this ball player while watching the sox games in bed this week. I'm still reeling from the no-hitter earlier in the week by Clay Buchholz..most exciting game I've ever watched, no kidding. I don't even know this kid but I'm so happy for him.

Anyhoot, "Ball Player #4" looks like he's got one of those cool, old time nicknames like, Willie "Hit 'em Where They Ain't" Keeler.


Bass said...

Once again you have outdone yourself. The picture we bought from you last year has complimented our home in such a beautiful way. We have been getting so many compliments on it. Keep up the great work.

Stephen & Mariana Babine

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

these are wonderful paintings and sketches. I so admire good drawing.
Looking forward to Game 3 tonight.
I don't want to 'Gowdy' 'em but I have a good feeling about this.
Baseball is so uplifting isn't it?