Thursday, January 31, 2008

Key #2 (under painting)

I'm having fun with the key as subject matter, I like the look of it against this old piece of wood. There is a nostalgic feeling that comes from this old key and the weathered and cracked wood helps to support that. I'm calling this under painting "Key #2" for now...see what I mean about me being really bad at naming paintings.

If you have an idea for the title of this one, please shoot me an email.


Jason Waskey said...

No idea on the painting title, but I am intrigued to see that you do multiple paintings of a single stage before you move on. How many different underpainting paintings will you do before the next step?

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Jason,

I'm doing this small series for a gallery. There will be three key paintings, I'm doing the under paintings first then I'll go right to finish on all three at the same time.

I can't think of a title either..I think it will just have be Key#2

best to you,