Thursday, April 17, 2008

Magazine pumpkin sketches

How goes the great struggle? Alls well here thanks! I recently got an illustration assignment from my favorite children's illustration client, "Highlights for Children" magazine. They have a magazine for younger children called Highlights Hi-Five that I've done work before. Fun assignments, great deadlines and professional/trustworthy art direction...Thank you again Highlights, I love you.

this is for the October 2008 issue and they've asked me to do a bunch of Jack-o-Lantern paintings. I did some pencil sketches, scanned them in to Photoshop and added some value..viola!

They gave me the go ahead to add color, so I'll get cracking on that asap.


Frank Gardner said...

I used to read Highlights as a kid. They sent me something about High 5 (since I have a kid). I have never heard of it before.
How is that little Max by the way? Walking by now I assume. Getting into everything.

Todd Bonita said...

Max is great, thanks! He's running, talking and even has some dance moves. My three-and-a-half year old niece Emma lives upstairs from us and has a subscription to Highlights Hi-Five so I have to really try to impress her with this finish.
I hope you are well Frank.