Monday, July 21, 2008

Vintage (Cast Iron car) finish


I finished this small painting of a Vintage Cast iron toy car. I love the chipped paint and over all worn look of this little antique and was excited to paint it. My idea was to add drama to it by the use of the faded dark background contrasting the almost-spotlight effect on the car itself. My way of elevating this ordinary object to iconic status. This also simplifies the design and focuses on the car and chipped's character. These small compositions (in this case 4x6") force me to become more intimate because of it's scale. A totally different experience than painting a larger canvas where I'm standing and stepping back. These small ones require me to almost hunch into this little micro world...I love them.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Todd... ain't ebay great! I wish it was as easy to get glass pieces from there - I'd love to do a series of watercolors on little glass pieces, I'll still do it but I'll have to beg borrow or steal the subjects.
Love your paintings - nice!

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Cheryl..I'm pretty sure craft shops sell beach glass, there are on line craft resources as well..try a google search for beach glass. I'll bet you come up with something.
All the best,

Elizabeth A Patterson said...

Hi Todd! This is fantastic! I love your dramatic micro world!

I've come to appreciate the small scale work also. But, do you find it a little odd, as I do, to walk into your studio and notice how little space a dozen finished pieces take up?

Todd Bonita said...

Thats too funny, yeah I could have a one man show in my broom closet.

All the best.

Frank Gardner said...

Love it Todd. Too bad I was away from blogging for a few weeks. I would have bid on that one.
It came out great.

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks so much Frank, I had so much fun with this one that I'm working on a companion piece.

I hope you are well, your San Miguel piece is astonishing as usual.