Thursday, November 06, 2008


I finished this 8x10" oil painting I'm calling "Ready". It feels wonderful to post again..I feel like I've neglected an old friend by my absence. I've just been swamped with work and life and simply didn't find the time to post. I've got a bunch of things in progress that I would love to put up here and ponder..I just need to find some time.


Elizabeth A Patterson said...

Very nice, Todd.
I really love the contrast between the super weathered wood and the surface of the water, which, I suppose, is forever young.

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Liz,

Interesting observation about the water being forever young...I like that element..thanks.

I hope you are wll.

Cara said...

Love this Todd - and yes, you were missed.

Cooper Dragonette said...

I am constantly amazed at your use of color and brush strokes. How DO you do it?

Todd Bonita said...

Thank you Cara, you're too sweet! A really nice compliment coming from you Cooper, I think you're the next Hopper..and that aint the booze talkin. the short answer regarding my color and brush strokes is that I attain the look through glazing and layers. Like a lot of artist, i do whatever it takes to make the piece work but glazing helps me control the color baby steps at a time. I can slowly work up to a color I desire. The strokes are something I am constantly thinking about throughout the painting. I like a lot of texture in some places so I have developed a bunch of different strokes and surface manipulations to achieve what I'm after. Sometimes accidents happen in a positive way and sometimes I throw paintings in the trash but it's all very fun most of the time. thanks my friend,
all the best,

Holly Van Hart said...

Hi Todd,

Glad you're back!

It feels like I'm on the dock looking at this boat. For some reason, it gives me a lonely feeling . . . a boat without someone in it. Maybe i'll just have to climb in!!!


Anonymous said...

Todd, I love your work. Glad to see you are back posting.