Monday, January 05, 2009

The Humble Trapper (30x40")

I finished this larger version of "The Humble Trapper" painting in December and I am just getting around to photographing and posting it now. It's the largest oil painting I've done to date at (30x40"). It was a lot of fun to work at this larger scale for me and I've already gessoed another 30x40" wood panel with the intention of doing another.

This painting is currently available (please email me at for price).

"The Humble Trapper" (30x40") Framed.
I'm standing next to the painting to show it's scale. I may go even bigger before the year is out..


Flora said...

Oh my!!! I can only wish to be able to create the way you do!!!

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Flora,
thank you for the comments, sincerely, very nice of you to say. I checked out your blog and I think you create just beautifully..your work is fantastic. I used to make Halloween figures for a company called Foreside, it was great fun and at one point I could have easily gone down that road..I loved what I was doing. We are both creators on the same highway but going in slightly different's all good stuff.
All my best to you,

Holly Van Hart said...

Todd, bravo! Bigger paintings are more difficult, and this is a beautiful piece. congratulations, and keep 'em coming! Holly

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Holly,

Onward I go..looking forward to following your work this year..all the best,