Monday, July 20, 2009

Foggy Cove Dory

Here is one of the paintings I finished over the last month and a half getting ready for my show on lake Winnipesaukee. I've been busy painting and preparing for this show, which will be in three weeks (August 7th, from 5-9p) at The Gallery at Mills Falls in Meredith, NH. I have about fourteen new paintings for the show and maybe another eight small studies. I'll be posting them as I find time..I should really be in my studio right now but I miss posting regularly and wanted to post an update.

This is "Foggy Cove Dory" and is an 11x14" oil painted on a gessoed wood panel. This painting reminds me so much of the great state of Maine and the mysterious mood the coastal region has when the fog rolls in. This particular style of dory also reminds me of Maine. It's a classic fishing dory, the kind they used a hundred years ago to present. The design of this boat is simple and beautiful. I chose this specific angle to not only make the design of the painting work but to also show off the lines of this graceful and rugged vessel.
Thank you for looking..I'll try and post more from this show soon.
All the best.


April Jarocka said...

Very atmospheric scene which lends itself well to your style of painting Todd. Love the colours, everything.. Would love to see the rest of those paintings too. Best of luck with the show Todd.


Todd Bonita said...

Hi April,
Thanks so much for the compliments and well wishes. I'll be posting the rest as I find time to photograph and color correct them.
chat soon.

Mary Bullock said...

Wonderful painting Todd! So glad you are posting again - I really enjoy your work. Good luck with the upcoming show.

Holly Van Hart said...

Todd, ooh i love the mysterious mood of this painting. bravo!! i'm sure your show will be awesome! Holly

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Holly and Mary. I'll be posting more as I find's been very consuming getting ready for the show. I have plenty of work to post, I just need to photograph it, color correct and post it. Thank you both for your nice comments.

Cooper Dragonette said...

Wow. Wow. Wow.