Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Oar House

This is an (11x14") oil painting on wood panel that I am calling "The Oar House". The structure is an old shed near the school house on Monhegan Island. I put the oar and life preserver in the painting to help the composition and to support that nautical feel I was after. I also created and exaggerated a lot of the rust stains that are running down the door and clapboards. Rust has that burnt umber/orange hue that sometimes works to add interesting color and design to a painting.


Anonymous said...

Love you textures - wood and rust especially.


April Jarocka said...

Beautiful Todd, yet again. Not meaning to post merely just to stroke your ego but because I really do like this one and think that the addition of the oar and lifering really help that old door in their own ways.

I still think your work would enhance book covers for novels. I know I've bought books because I've liked the covers as well as the blurbs. There's a niche for your style somewhere - not that they don't look FABULOUS as paintings....very illustrative and dreamy. Waffling over...

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Mr. Scribbles. Texture has been one of the things I've been focusing on in recent paintings. I'm always looking for new techniques if you or anyone wants to share, please feel free to pass it on here. In this painting I used a toothbrush and spattered paint in several layers and colors. I then blotted to control the subtlety of it. In future paintings I will try less blotting in areas. I also used a pallet knife on the rock... It's all subtle stuff but it's layered in there. There is also a fair amount of glazing, scummbling and good old fashion drawing with the paint brush. I used a sponge and blotted some paint on a piece I worked on yesterday...I'll post that soon. Always looking for new techniques, so again, please feel free to share. All the best,

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks April, stroke away, I never tire of your kind words. I would definitely do a book cover. Having too much fun right now though. I hope this finds you well.
Happy painting to you.
All my best,

Le Dragon Et La Licorne said...

This was great to reaad