Monday, February 01, 2010

The Clammer

This is an oil painting I finished and framed and sent off to the Rockport Art Association Winter show. It's called "The Clammer" and is 11x14" on wood panel. The model is my buddy Johnny Hames again, he has a natural ability at this kind of thing. I've known him since we were just wee-one-little-snot-nosed kids. I know him very well...I mean his nuances and subtle little things that can come in handy when trying to capture something expressive in a painting. I don't think I could have caught some of the subtleness of character without knowing the model so well. It makes the painting of it that much more enjoyable too.


April Jarocka said...

I'd like to know more about what this guy really does, apart from collect Clams, Todd. Here in West Clare, Ireland we have a tradition of collecting Periwinkles and it's not uncommon to see bicycles parked up and men down on the beach bent over with their bucket at low tide. We have one such chap here in Cappa where I live, and he's already been immortalised in a beautiful bronze statue. I painted him twice: one was a portrait which the family were delighted with, and the other is a painting of him at work.
I must post it up at my blog so you can see..

As for this painting...Smiles.....
Need I say more..?
Hope you and yours are well

Debra Keirce said...

Wonderful painting! The colors in this one are so classic. What size is this piece?

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Todd!... Another gem! There'll be a real clamour for this one at the Rockport Show! Couldn't resist... please excuse the silliness!

Great Work!
Good painting!


Todd Bonita said...

Always good to hear from you. Funny that you painted a similar theme, I'll have to check into your blog to see it. I'm curious. To answer your question about this guy...This guy is one of my best friends since child hood. He's a real character and a hard worker, a father and a husband...he has lead and continues to lead a full life. I tried to capture who he is, so it was helpful to really know him and understand these little things. We went to catholic school together since third grade, we were in scouts together and traveled the USA together, we even went to your native Ireland together, we spent many good times together drinking, smoking, swearing, camping, hiking and throwing up. All of this is in there. It's not terribly important for people to know that or identify it when they see the painting but it was helpful to me to understand his character so deeply when I painting it. To me, it helps add another layer to the piece. A mood. A feeling. something like that.

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Deb,
I didn't have a chance to write about this painting until a few days after I posted the image..I have since included the dimensions of 11x14". Thanks for the nice words. The very last thing I do to finish my paintings lately is to fine tune them with small applications of pure color in thought-out places. if you look at the vertical fold in his suite that runs down his body, thats pure cadmium red in there..there is pure cad yellow on his suite in a few places..there are some chicken scratches on his face in pure color and a few other spots.

Todd Bonita said...


Ha-ha...where on earth would we be without silliness. I like a good knee-slapper every now and then. Thanks my friend. And thanks for the really nice words on your blog about me. I would love to meet and paint with you some time too, that would be very cool. If you are ever in the great state of New Hampshire, please let me know and I'll fire up the BBQ and get my plein air easel out.

All the best to you my friend,

April Jarocka said...

Hi Todd...I'd better post away then..

Anonymous said...

Hey I know this guy....that Dirty Oar!!!

You have a fantastic eye for capturing the moodel, what beautiful work you do!

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks for posting your clammer kind of work, I loved it. I liked your visual description too.

Todd Bonita said...

Ha-ha, you have a good eye my friend. That is indeed the dirty oar. Both paintings are the same size at 11x14"...I wished I had done both much larger as soon as I finished each...I'll never learn. Maybe I'll do a larger version some time. Thanks for the kind words.

gina said...

Todd, this is a gem, what can I say You have captured me in oil. Now if I could just get gina in oil I would be a happy man.

Patrick Foley said...

That is Johnny 100%

Unknown said...

I love this painting! It's classic. You have a wonderful eye for composition and tone. You definitely paint with your own brush. Your paintings are a joy! Thank you for sharing:-)

Todd Bonita said...

Gina...I mean Johnny, thanks my brutha...are you saying what I think you are saying? I hope you do too.

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Loadie, I'm dying to paint you and Sweed sometime this spring or summer on Paddocks island...lets make it so my brutha.

Todd Bonita said...

What really nice comments, thanks so much...sincerely.