Saturday, April 10, 2010

Christopher Volpe, Painters play dates and the Swinging Maxes.

The Swinging Maxes.
"I'm Max Tyler Volpe". That was my introduction to the three-year-old-swinging wipper-snapper pictured above on the left...The little guy on the right in the GAP shirt is my three year old son Max).

We met Max Volpe and his dad, the very talented painter, Christopher Volpe for a play date this week in New Castle, New Hampshire. Chris Volpe affectionately refers to them as "The Swinging Maxes" in his recent blog post about our getting together for what we hope will become a revolutionary concept, "Painters play dates". The idea is to get together with our sons and plein air easels and take on the great out doors together, having fun with the boys and painting the great New Hampshire landscape.

Christopher Volpe
In addition to being a hell of a painter, Chris is a gifted writer and teacher...I love the way he writes about our get together, his enthusiasm is genuine. Please read his blog post Christopher Volpe Blog


Anna B said...

fun! todd- look forward to meeting you. LOVE your work! :) anna (chris' wife and max's mom) best, anna

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Anna,
thanks so much for the kind words. I'm looking forward to meeting you too and getting our families together soon. We'll have to have you over for a BBQ. Your Max is a really cool young man...still can't get over his introduction, Im Max Tyler Volpe...priceless.
See you guys soon

Hank Buffington said...

Painters' play dates! I've found it so hard connecting with other artist dads for play dates. That's a great idea!