Thursday, December 16, 2010

My second masterpiece

Kate Wyeth Bonita. Born Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 7:57 am. 8 pounds. 22.5".
I can't take all the credit as this was a collaborative masterpiece created with my wife Alison.
Kate is the companion piece to my first masterpiece, titled, "Max David Bonita".


Kristin said...

Congratulations to you and your wife! Your daughter is adorable!

Deborah Paris said...

Congratulations to you and your wife-what a beautiful baby girl! Is Wyeth a family name or an homage to the artist?

Alex Zonis said...

A masterpiece indeed! Congratulations!

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Kristen...I know I'm her dad but I have to agree..she really is adorable.
All my best to you,

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Deborah, thanks so much. My wife was really trying to sell me on the name Kate so she suggested Wyeth as a middle name as a bargaining chip I believe. To tell you the truth, my initial reaction was the opposite of her intention, I felt an insecurity about it...I thought I would be interpreted as shallow for having named my daughter after Wyeth. What can I say?...I'm sometimes very insecure and sometimes worry too much about what others think...after a while I simply loved the strength of the name and how much my wife loved grew on me and now I couldn't imagine any other name for her.

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Alex, we agree, she's definitely a masterpiece.
all the best,

Bruce Sherman said...

Dear Bonita Friends!.... My heartiest congratulations to all on the safe arrival of Kate... to Bonita Cove!

Me thinks Andrew would approve... and share your pride in this "masterpiece"!

"You" and Alison really do "collaborate"... magnificently!

The Merriest of Christmasses!!!.... and a Happy... Healthy and Prosperous New Year from The Paint Box Gallery Gang!

Good Painting!
Warmesat regards,
Bruce and Deb Sherman

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Todd, Alison and little Max! Kate is truly a gem. So sweet. Kate Wyeth Bonita. (pat nickerson)

Tracy Hall said...

Congrats to you both Todd, she's beautiful :)

Todd Bonita said...

Thank you my good man, we are really blessed. This is the best Christmas ever.
My warmest regards to you and your family as well Bruce.
Have a Merry Christmas.

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Pat,
Thanks so much..I got your nice card too, I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Looking forward to seeing you soon where I will be gushing on and on about Kate and Max. All the best,

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Tracy,
All my best to you,

Cara said...

Congratulations - what a beautiful little angel.

Beth West said...

She is a perfect little work of art!

L.Holm said...

Awwwww! Congratulations to you and your wife, Todd!
She's precious. Beautiful photo, too.
best to you,

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks for all your sweet thoughts, I can't tell you how precious she is to us. What a gift.
My best to you all.