Saturday, February 19, 2011

Key #7

Just finished this small (8x6") oil painting brilliantly titled, "Key #7". This is my kind of title. To be honest, I did labor a little and try to come up with something clever but eventually I came to the conclusion that the painting is simply a study of an old vintage key on some weathered and beaten's about textures, design and the simple subject. Viola!
This will be sent to the Bowersock Gallery on cape Cod as part of a series of small still life paintngs I'm currently working on.


Tracy Hall said...

Well its a beautiful study of a key, Todd. And I'm right there with you on the titles :)

Helen Read said...

I always love the texture you get in your work! Another great example!

David Cunningham said...

Todd, I love these little key paintings. I am doing a blog post on Keys to Success in painting and would love to use one of your paintings to illustrate it. I will of course credit you. Let me know.


Todd Bonita said...

David, thanks so much for the kind words. Please be my guest to use the image.
All the best, Todd