Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Plein air painting opening day in New Castle, NH

This is Sheila, smiling and shielding herself from the wind on opening day of my Tuesday Plein air painting classes. 45 degrees, sunny and windy but we managed to enjoy ourselves like giddy kids in a candy store. Today was about jumping in and committing to being better painters. We simplified our pallets to six colors plus white (a warm and cool of the three primaries). We looked at the landscape and tried to simplify it into abstract puzzle shapes of value and color within a picture plain. In the interest of finding a balance between academics and expression, we jumped in with brushes, pallet knives and squinting eyes and frankly had a genuine blast. I hope you can join us on a coming Tuesday afternoon.

Plein air painting classes are every Tuesday from March through December. We meet from 1:00 to 4:00 at different locations around the New Hampshire sea coast (and sometimes southern Maine). We discuss outdoor painting techniques, materials and artistic principles. Classes are demo and critique based and appropriate for beginners to pros. For more info including weekly painting locations or materials list, see my web sight or click this link: Todd Bonita Plein air painting.
Or call me at (603) 819-9100


Steve PP said...

Bravo!, to you for getting out there in the cold! My courses start in a few weeks time, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for warmer weather!

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Steve,

I think it's a sign of madness to be out there now but it really is pure fun as you know. I went to your blog and I really like your fresh color and brush work...good luck with the classes my friend.
All the best,