Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Star Island plein air painting

Plein air painting on Star Island, NH (Isle of Shoals).
A small group of artist friends took a day boat from Rye, NH to Star Island today to paint in the footsteps of Child Hassam.  It was my first time visiting the Isle of Shoals and as I predicted, I was smitten.  Completely charmed by this rustic and nearly desolate island.  Despite the 94 degree temps by noon, and the kamikaze seagulls, there was no whining or moaning.
Chris Volpe banged out two plein air paintings today
This is my good friend Chris putting the hurt on a 16x20"canvas.  Its been fun watching Chris evolve, reinvent and blossom into a plein air painting maniac who is steadily developing his own unique artistic voice.  His consistency with plein air keepers is astonishing lately.   Chris Volpe's web site
Donald Jurney making it look easy-peazy
The joy of watching Donald make it look so easy every single time, painting after painting, is often contrasted by the reality of how far the rest of us have to go!  I'm still in awe of his brilliance.  Check out Donald Jurney's web site
 This is Mary Graham.  A helluva landscape painter...A thousand thank yous Mary for lending me a painting umbrella today, I would have shriveled into a raisin otherwise.  Check out Mary's web site here. 
Great bunch of painters...good times!!...We under stayed our welcome and in all likelihood will return again.

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Donald Jurney said...

What? No picture of the man himself? We celebrate Todd-the-Intrepid-One, who stayed out on the cliffs, tied to his easel, long after the others of us had retreated to the shade of the verandah. And of course---no surprise---- he caught a lovely fish.