Monday, June 10, 2013

Study for the "Dirty Oar" Grisailles

Above is a Grisailles painting of my friend and model, John Hames.  As you can see, this is at the underpainting stage, executed with raw umber and white oil paint.  It's usually at this stage that I will glaze and layer color, however, I felt it was complete...and honestly, I don't think I could improve upon it with the addition of color...I felt this way with previous paintings but never followed through.  After living with it in my studio for a few months, I was convinced, put a frame on it and called it done.  For this image I think it works.  This is, "Study for The Dirty Oar" (12x24") oil on linen.


Anna B said...

nice Todd! great piece. glad you left it as is. beautiful.

Beth said...

Yes, it does work. Lovely painting.