Thursday, August 03, 2006

Self Portrait at 38

Today I turned 38 years old and I started my morning with a self portrait drawing. I have been doing self portraits on my birthday for about ten years now, I keep most of them in the same old sketchbook. It's always fun for me to look at past sketches and see how my drawing and face have progressed over the years. I've noticed that my drawing is getting better and my face is getting uglier.

p.s. Happy birthday to Tony Bennett and Tom Brady of the Patriots, I know you both read my blog.


Anonymous said...

Happy B'day Todd. We know how you really started you day though. Nice self-port. You even got the wondering eye down.

Todd Bonita said...

It won't be long until my eye wanders out of my head and my eye brows actually connect.

Thanks for the BDay wishes.

sadie pink said...

Happy B-Day! Hope you have a great day! Sue

Paint Squared said...

Happy Birthday Todd! :-) Your blogs are always fun to visit. Keep up the great work!

Todd Bonita said...

...this old timer thanks you for your well wishes.