Thursday, May 31, 2007

Baseball #2 (finish)
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  • I finished this painting last night while listening to the Red Sox game, very inspiring. They lost to Cleveland but are on a tear right now and are the hottest team in the majors.

    On this painting I've altered my working process to fit with my current lifestyle, which is part-time-stay-at-home dad. As a result, it makes more sense for me to work a painting in stages, stealing moments when Max is napping. I did a wet-in-wet painting of the ball over the monochrome underpainting. When that dried, I used glazes of oil color mixed with Liquin to noodle this Baseball to a finish. Liquin is a gel medium that thins the paint and is perfect for making glazes with oils.


    Takeyce said...

    This one is perfect, Todd. Excellent lighting and values. I love the way the baseball just dissapears into the shadows.

    Don Gray said...

    Todd, thanks for your generous comments on my blog.

    This painting came out beautifully--so nice with the color and refinement added. (And I was secretly thinking you should just leave it alone at the underpainting stage.) Just goes to show, advice may be well and good but the artist should always ultimately do it their OWN way.

    William K. Moore said...

    best baseball painting ever! you know how to lay it down my friend. value, texture, interest... all there.

    Elizabeth A Patterson said...

    Todd, I knew the finished painting would be good, but this is amazing. I'm convinced that I could reach out and pick up that ball! Just beautiful.

    (Got a kick out of your inspiration... we're enjoying the Red Sox here also!)

    Todd Bonita said...

    Thanks so much for all of your strokes to my ego. If you're reading these comments click on any of the above links of these four artist who have left comments to see some very cool work. I frequent all of there sights regularly for inspiration.
    be good,

    J Matt Miller said...

    Beautiful painting, Todd. I really like how the ball emerges from the dark. And thanks for the comment!

    Anonymous said...

    Hope you paint more with this mind-set Todd ... would love to see your work with things like old worn-out ball caps, dugouts, gloves, bats .. etc ... you've always had a passion for the Sox, (like myself) use it !! Fantastic work.

    Mary Sheehan Winn said...

    It came out great and I agree with the comments about your not having lost a thing in the translation.
    I like Liquin because it doesn't dry too fast to work with outside, but it does dry the thinnest areas over night. Do I dare admit that I also like the smell of it? All oil painting smells remind me of my first art lessons at 12 years old in the back of an old art supply and frame store in Brockton.