Friday, June 08, 2007

Green Apple

I just finished tickling this small Green Apple painting. I think I'm becoming more comfortable with this working method of using glazes on top of my wet-in-wet paintings. I finally found a surface I'm happy with too, which is gessoed wood panel. I like this texture I'm getting by putting the gesso on with a roller (three layers, lightly sanding between each). it gives it a little tooth and textural look and makes blending smoother. Nice.

"Green Apple" (6x4") Oil on gessoed wood panel.


William K. Moore said...

Tod back at cha!.. You imbue the still life genre with that something special.. shows your understanding and craftsmanship in just one painting. I enjoy them all.

Mike said...

W.K. is so right, Todd. I really am at a loss to figger how you accomplish these. Simply amazing!

good on ya!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Another lovely painting, Todd! This apple looks very juicy and crisp and I like the chiaroscuro lighting. Keep up the great work, friend. And enjoy that baby: "children are a gift of the Lord".

A Reason to Paint said...

That apple is so impressive I want to rescue it before it rolls off the table and gets bruised!

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks a million. Seriously.
Be good,

Abbie said...

oh my.. It is gorgeous! I wanted to pick it off my screen. I think I'll have to have an apple now! Fabulous.. whatever your technique, i'd say you mastered it!