Monday, July 09, 2007

Featured Artist @ The Art House Gallery

Joan Orr of
  • THE ART HOUSE GALLERY(Brewster, Mass)

  • has featured me as her artist of the month. She also reports that I'm on pg27 of "Along 6A", the Cape Cod magazine that features galleries and artist. Nice!


    Mary Sheehan Winn said...

    Todd, that is wonderful. I think I'm going to take a ride down there and check it out!
    Hey, what's up with our Red Sox?
    I miss the game coming on at night It's almost like comfort food when I hear the music ! LOL
    I guess I show my true colors when I consider the All Star break an nuisance!

    Todd Bonita said...

    They're looking real good at the All-Star break, fingers crossed. I'm still in therapy from 1978 when they were up 14.5 from the Yanks at the All star break...I remember bitterly eating a "Reggie bar" later that winter.