Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wind Talker

I just finished this oil painting of a sail boat I'm calling "Wind Talker". This is loosely based on a photo I took of a very cool crafted sail boat in Provincetown last year. This piece represents my new effort to add more color into my work. I used liberal amounts of audacity when painting the sand that screaming orange color. It was fun to let go of the desire to match the color to nature exactly.
"Wind Talker" (6x8") Oil on gessoed wood panel.

(click on image for larger view)


Sharon Henson, Artist said...

This painting is wonderful....As I look at all your work I am taken back by their beauty. May I ask what type of camera do you use? I am in the market to buy a new camera. Would you mind emailing me with the camera info. Thanks

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Sharon, thanks for your nice comments about my paintings, glad you like them.
Regarding the camera, I would advise you use it just as reference and not rely on them so much for copying what you see in nature, The camera lies. the reason I mention this, is given this information, a cheap digital camera will serve this purpose nicely. I use the canon powershot SD600 for reference and I snap more than I need of a subject for editing later. My paintings look a lot different than my photo reference. I add or subtract whatever I think will make the composition work better.

If you were asking because you want to photograph your finished paintings I actually scan my paintings but just bought a digital Canon EOS Rebel xti with a special lense to reduce glare. I havn't mastered it yet but plan on using it to photo my larger paintings that wont fit on my scanner. Hope this helps, glad to answer anything I can. All my best to you,

Elizabeth A Patterson said...

Hi Todd! I'm really liking these last three paintings, with their blues and oranges linking them together. A beautiful tribute to summer by the sea. Ahhh... if only it could last longer!

Sharon Henson, Artist said...

Thank you for the infomation regarding the camera...it was and is very helpful.....Best to you...Sharon

Mike Corcoran said...

Hey Todd,
Great work. We went to AIB together (back in the day). Glad to see your doing well and congrats on your growing family.

When your painting on wood?
Do you give it a light coating of gesso or several coats? Are you intergrating the texture of the wood into the piece?