Thursday, August 16, 2007

Marlon Palladino (8 Year old artist)

My friend Tommy has an 8 year old son named Marlon who has been doing some extraordinary paintings with his mom Arika and has recently shared them with me and WCCO channel 8 in Minnesota. I think he's on his way to not only making some great art work but also becoming a superstar, no kidding. This is a recent letter from Tom and a link to Marlons web sight and WCCO feature:

"I have been holding out on spreading the word about the paintings that Marlon
and Arika have been doing this year, so I am sending out the good word
to you now. Marlon has been doing paintings with Arika for a long time,
but in the last year they have gotten more serious about their work.
They have done over 100 paintings, most of which were on display at an
art show in June that attracted about 200 people (mostly friends and
family) and at which they sold almost 60 paintings!

They have a website at
  • that I welcome you to check
    out. Please send Arika and Marlon a message from the site when you
    visit. Marlon loves the feedback. Forward the link to whomever you
  • WCCO Marlon Palladino feature
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