Friday, August 03, 2007

Cape Cod Art Association

I was juried into the Cape Cod Art Association as an "Artist Member" today..a nice birthday gift to myself, (I'm 39 today).

I drove down to Barnstabe, Mass on the Cape (About a three hour drive with Friday traffic) in my 1999 Toyota Corolla with the broken air conditioner..did I mention it was like 378 degrees today. No, seriously, it was about a hundred, no kidding. Barnstable is where the Art association is and I had to pick up my paintings from the jurors. One of them whispered to me.."I'm not supposed to say anything, but you got in..they'll send you a letter in a week..congratulations". I was thrilled but I also was suffering from heat exhaustion and had to cut my Cape Cod trip short and drive home. Still not kidding.

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