Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Heifer (Finish)

"The Heifer" (14x11") Oil on Masonite
I finished "The Heifer" painting last night and put it in this wood frame (see below for detail and framed painting image). I was working on a companion piece to this simultaneously but ended up cursing the counterpart...perhaps later this year I'll revisit the companion. We'll see, lots to do and the limited time seems to fly.

I hope you are all well, the weather is looking better and I'm looking forward to dusting off the pochade to do some outdoor plein air painting soon.

Detail of "The Heifer" (click on image for larger view)

"The Heifer" Framed. email me for purchase inquire: tmbonita@gmail.com

1 comment:

Elizabeth A Patterson said...

I already liked "The Heifer", but I love her all framed up! She looks rather noble... a princess, maybe.

You're very optimistic about the weather, Todd. Melting the snow we still have here is going to take some doing!