Friday, March 07, 2008

Key #4 (Under painting)

I'm trying something new for me..I'm transferring about 20 drawings to 20 panels and will try to work simultaneously on all of them rather than just hammering one out at a time. A few of my art friends have suggested this for several reasons: 1) it will keep the work fresh and you'll be less likely to "worship" the current piece and loosen up 2) If you get stuck on an area simply move to another painting and return later with a fresh eye...and 3) Productivity increase. This is important I think, productivity means you are releasing all those ideas that are bunched up in your head. So, we'll see how it goes.

Today I am posting an under painting of another key, this will be "Key #4". It is an oil raw umber wash with some under painting white in some areas to make the lights pop.


Frank Gardner said...

Great key, great nail and the way you carved your name in the wood is very cool indeed.
I think it is a good idea to work on a bunch at once. I always have a few things going so I don't over work anything. Sometimes I know I should stop, but I still have a few more hours of painting time. It's best to move on to one of the others than over work just cause you have a few more minutes.

Todd Bonita said...

I'm finding more and more artist feel this way, so far I'm finding it to be working well for me. We'll see if twenty is a good number after this experiment. Having fun so far.