Sunday, August 30, 2009

Morning Mist

I love painting and I also love looking at other artist work. There is a photographer from Canada named Peter Bowers, who's work I find incredibly powerful, simple and poetic. His work, for me, represents our quiet and respectful reflections on nature. His imagery possesses a lot of the things I'm personally after in picture making. The oil painting above, "Morning Mist", was completed using some of Peters inspiring photos. It's (16x20") and I painted it in oils on a wood panel. ( A thousand thank you's Peter for your permission ).
Peter could very well have a completely different take on what his work means to him but one of the great things about art is the notion of walking into a museum or gallery and simply falling in love with a piece because it moves you for whatever reason. In my opinion it's not terribly important to even intellectualize simply moves me. It's a curious thing.
Last week an amazing and courageous women named Robin recently sent me this touching letter about what my paintings mean to her, I'm completely moved by her thoughts:
Hi Todd,
Joan called me and I purchased Shallow Water. She is sending it off this week. Cant wait. Thanks for your thoughts on paintings. I have my own thoughts on my attachments to them and what they represent to me. When I bought that first painting I had just finished my 8th round of chemo at Dana. I have Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. I have a daughter who had just turned three when I started my treatments so I worked hard to get into remission. I had tremendous support all around me family, friends ,church family etc. But cancer is a lonely battle, God guides you through it but he is all that can help during that dark time. So the first painting represented kind of a tight relationship and also rich colors and darker water. The second painting was lighter water and a solo boat, maybe as I got better and felt better and less depressed I was able to manage a bit better on my own. And I had to start to be independent again. And that painting mirrored my feelings. Now Im two years out, im feeling so much more positive and happier and very thankful. The water is soft and light filled and the sun is shining! God got me through the deep water and to safe place. I love that sunlight in the newer paintings. Canoe has an exuberance and playfulness which is just beautiful and it has the rich colors but with lots of light.
So I didn't mean to wax on for so long, but you were so open with me about how you feel about your work- I thought maybe you would like to hear about the effect your work has on others. I am excited to see what the future holds for your work and evolution as an artist.
A true fan always

You make it all worth it Robin, thank you...and thank you for your permission to post your letter...I'm a true fan of yours always.


April Jarocka said...

How beautiful. I will look at your boat paintings in a new light Todd because of that beautiful letter. I always concentrated on the colours and serenity of the whole picture, but now the image of the boat resting on shore and idea of having brought someone to calmer waters... Very powerful message there from above Todd to say you're doing something right and wonderful. Makes it all worthwhile...Well done Mr Bonita

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks for the sentiment April. All my best to you,

Holly Van Hart said...

Todd, this piece is very moody and i love it! you used my favorite color (burnt sienna) or something very like it. bravo. Holly

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Holly,
Thanks so much, nice to hear from you,
Your work is looking strong. I bopped over
To your blog to take a peek.
I just bought a tube of burnt sienna and I'm adding it to my pallet.. I love this color but have been without it for a couple of years now...I was just trying some different pallet theory and excluded it..I feel like I'm finally getting reaqiainted with my old friend burnt sienna.