Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Winnipesaukee Canoe

This is "Winnipesaukee Canoe". It's 11x14" and painted in oils on a gessoed wood panel. My wife recently told me that "Winnipesaukee" is a native American term that means, "Beautiful water in a high place". We just got back from vacationing on lake Winnipesaukee and the translation is right on the money..We had a really nice vacation and I came home relaxed, inspired and ready to hammer out some new work. The opening was very special for me, my family and friends traveled from far-away places to come and see the show. I was sincerely touched by the support.

This canoe was painted with reference from Thompson Lake in Maine but it could be just about any New England lake in the summer. The mood of this piece for me is set by the transparency of that water in the foreground. It's that moment standing on the dock and simply taking it in..a day-dreamy moment, gazing into the shallows and drinking in the quiet and stillness of the surroundings. With this piece, as well as "Survivor", I have included more of the landscape in the composition.


April Jarocka said...

We can learn a lot from the Native Americans, can't we? I feel a serenity from their wisdom on life - how we should all have respect for one another and our world. Likewise your beautiful boats on calm waters evoke a similar serenity that soothes the eye. Well done. Look forward to seeing what you'll paint next.

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks April, nice to hear from you. We can definitely learn a lot from the native Americans. One thing I try to borrow from them is the notion of simplicity. Particularly in the way I design my compositions. I try to capture a quiet and reflective mood in a lot of my work too..for me, this mood is not unlike my feelings about Native Americans.
I hope this finds you well.
All the best,

Jiddje said...

What a painting! Makes you want to jump in the water. Very well done!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Congrats on your show, Todd. I hope it was a sellout.
These paintings of Winnipesaukee are quintessential summer. Hope you are having a great one.

Todd Bonita said...


Thank you so much. Checked out your work and your landscapes are wonderful..are those plein air? I really like your cow paintings too. I attempted to do a series of cows once but am still possessed by boats..I'll get back to the moo series one of these days. All the best.

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Mary,

The show went very well, thanks so much. I think the gallery and I are a very good fit for one another. Summer has been going awesome, been up to the lakes quite a bit with my family..just got back tonight.
Hope your having blast and getting lots of painting in.
All the best Mary.