Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gallery 51 Opening, Meredith, NH

There I am with the very lovely gallery owner of Gallery 51, Christine Hoedecker-George.
Good times! Zipped up to Meredith, NH on Lake Winnipesaukee last evening for the opening of my summer exhibition at Gallery 51 and it was really fun. It was my first time seeing the new place and I was charmed. Christine had moved the old gallery (Gallery at Mill Falls) up the street to a new location in a quaint little spot next to the historical society on Main street. We had wine and treats, met some new people, had some laughs...the official word is, "Life is good!". Christine, her husband Kevin and their friends were very cool to hang out with after ward and I'm looking forward to returning on Thursday for a long weekend vacation.

As soon as I'm done typing this, I'll be heading down to Cape Cod for a few days to paint with the legendary landscape artist Don Demers. He is hosting a workshop in Chatham and I plan on sucking up as much info from that mans cerebellum as I can process. I'm very excited about it and promised some of my painter friends that I would post extensively on the experience and Dons process, theory and technique. I'm staying with my old friend Rob from high school so there is an outside chance we may drink rum and cokes instead of me posting. Either way, I will do my best to continue my "Life is good" mantra.

All my best to you.


Anna B said...

go Todd!! have fun.
:) anna and chris

Todd Bonita said...

Hood to hear from you and thanks a million. Hope you had a nice birthday party, it sounded like it was going to be the event of the year. Sorry I couldn't make it. Good luck with Chris's opening in Vermont this coming weekend, I've got my fingers crossed for you guys.
Hope to connect soon with the Maxes.
All the best,