Monday, September 20, 2010

Sea Shack

I just finished this small oil painting on wood panel and titled it, "Sea shack" (6x8"). This is a painting I completed from referencing my plein air (outdoor) study of this salt box shack in Chatham, Mass on Cape Cod not long ago. (see below) Seeing them side-by-side makes me appreciate the characteristics and finishes that each version possesses. I like the freshness, looseness and sketchy-ness of the outdoor study (below) while at the same time, I like the amount of detail, textural variety and mood I put in the studio version (above). I get a different satisfaction from each, not to mention, the experience of making them had there own inherent but different joys.

I am currently instructing a Plein air painting class and a studio oil painting class on Tuesdays at the brush and Palett art center in North Hampton, NH. If you would like to join us outdoors to paint the New Hampshire seacoast landscape, or join our class to learn studio oil painting techniques, please email me privately at or call me for more info or to reserve a spot. (603) 819-9100.
Here is a link to my workshops: Todd Bonita workshops
Here is a link to the brush and Palett: Brush and Palett

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