Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Sketcher

I finished this (8x10") oil painting I titled, "The Sketcher". This is a completely new direction for me and I'm having some fun with it. This is a painting of a pencil resting on a piece of age-soiled parchment with a sketch of the head of a women. The idea is that the artist left his pencil on the parchment after the sketch. For me, it's a nod toward the art of drawing and the drawing student. The image of the womens head is referenced from a Drawing instruction book by Charles Bargue.


Kristin said...

Love this one! The pencil looks so real!

Anonymous said...

She has so many thoughts...such quiet reflection. It's truly an emotional moment when you finish a portrait and it speaks to you. (Pat N.)

Bruce Sherman said...

A clever juxtoposition of ideas Todd! So very often the importance of "just sketching"... as the underpinning of all good painting... gets lost.

A nice way to remind folks of that important fact! Looking forward to more of your explorations in thios vein!

By the way... We're currently down in the Barbados holidaying. What a paradise for painters! I've menaged a couple of watercolours... in the shade. Boy... is it HOT!!! I'm a Winter kinda guy as you know! Lovin' the sights though... and the meals of resh fish my Hearty!

Warmest regards,

Beth West said...

Very nice. I love the contrast between the sketch and the pencil. It gives a great feeling of depth to the painting.

April Jarocka said...

Oh this one is beautiful! Such simplicity. Exquisite Todd!

Todd Bonita said...


Thanks so much, great fun to do this one.

Todd Bonita said...

Pat N.

Yes, I know what you mean...I like how you put that..."Quiet reflection"...I think thats what I was after. Thank you for noticing and leaving your well thought comments.
All the best,

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Bruce,

Barbados, you lucky dog.. Wish I was there with you with my paint box by day and gorging ourselves on fish and grog by night...How fun would that be?!
Thanks fr the kind and thoughtful words my friend.

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Beth,

Thanks so much...Yes, I am working on a small series exploiting that very contrast.
All my best to you,

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks April,
Means a lot coming from you...
all the best

Helen Read said...

Wow! Todd,what an interesting idea! It is a totally new direction - but I think you've done this so well!

Todd Bonita said...

Hey Helen,
How are you? Thanks for checking in with your encouraging comments. I appreciate it. All my best to you.