Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Season

I finished this small (6x8") oil panting on wood panel and titled it, "New Saeson". I've got a bunch of paintings almost finished in the studio...I picked up this habit of working on a batches of paintings, which is cool but the pile of unfinished works is beginning to give me anxieties. I need to think about finishing some more of these before starting something else.


Anonymous said...

Todd, isn't life such a joy when we go with just opening up the floodgates and letting our creative juices flow in all directions? The challenge in life is reigning them in, putting them in some kind of order and keeping our heads in the clear! This lovely ball brings back so many memories of our own childhoods. :) PN

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Pat, Thanks. You're not kidding, focussing is a constant battle for me...rein it in baby!!!Thats my new tattoo.
Hope you are well.