Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sognatore (Dreamer)

There she is, the little dreamer. I've loved this little DaVinci drawing since I first saw it as an art student back in the early 90's. Leonardo really owned that ambiguous gaze thing (Mona Lisa). The wonderful mystery executed with that smokey atmosphere he pioneered (chiaro scuro) have haunted my dreams for years.
I completed this little (8x6") oil painting on wood panel I titled "Sagnatore" (Italian for dreamer) for the coming Bowersock Gallery show in Provincetown, Mass in mid July. I'll post about that as the date gets closer. Anyhoot, I share my art studio with a book binder and she has all these wonderful old books with old, yellowed and stained parchment...beautiful surfaces and textures...instant nostalgia. Grouped with an old key I bought at an antique shop, it is an homage to all things wonderfully venerable.


Mona Diane Conner said...

I just love this one Todd! Will there be a series if you have all these tempting books around perhaps? :-)

Best wishes with your upcoming show.

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Mona,
Thats a definite on the series, I have a few in the works and am really enjoying this.

All my best to you,

Bruce Sherman said...

Ahoy Matey!... Greetings from Canada... home of the dreaded black fly hordes!

"New Season"... is simply an outta-the-park "roundtripper"... the "Beautiful Dreamer" does the Master proud!

"You" are on a roll... my Hearty!

Good to see it Todd! Hope the family are thrivin! Paintin' for groceries eh Todd???

Aren't we all... at present! HAHA!!!

Good Painting and smooth sailin' Lad!
Warmest regards,

Todd Bonita said...

...A thousand how-do-you-do's and a hearty thanks my good man. Indeed, painting for groceries and thinks good fortune has befallen our creative sort. We are some lucky ones to wield a brush and paint. I know you are one to count yer blessings. All the same to you and yours my brethren from the north...May the Sherman sail move steady and swiftly through seas.
All the best,